TA - Military acronym for The Aerodyne - Military is an e-shop specially dedicated to military and outdoor products.
The Aerodyne snc was founded in 2009 on the initiative of the owners Marco Fantoni and Gianluca Taddei which initially created a company essentially focused on the soaring and general aviation industry (visit the website TheAerodyne.com)


Ventus 2 sailplane



The growing experience in the field of general aviation leads quickly to open up new horizons and discover new products. Starting from this original aviation background we move to  other "action" fields that have nothing to do with air sports.
Without abandoning the original aviation vocation, in 2013 The Aerodyne opened the TA Military site to give more space and place with greater authority the broad field of military and outdoor products.

The Aerodyne

The main website: Aviation & Soaring

Disidry Silicagel

Desiccant bags for any application

ACR Electronics

Emergency beacons and distress equipments